Financial Modelling

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I agree strongly with the author that Return on Investment (ROI) is notby itself a sufficient justification for most of today’s businessinvestments, particularly those that involve a large amount of’gut-based’ emotional decisions.

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This book does a great job laying out the importance of consideringmore than just the pure ‘ROI numbers’ of an investment, and forces youto think about the implementation and follow-up needed. It should beread by anyone who has the opportunity or ability to change the waycapital is invested.
Minding the Corporate Checkbook reaffirms the notion that businessvalue is brought about by successful execution and continuedsupervision, and not solely determined by preliminary due diligence. Thescope of this book is applicable to internal corporate endeavors, aswell as a variety of other investments. After reading this book, I findmyself applying these execution and post-investment managementtechniques to a variety of my venture capital deals, as well as betterassessing new investment opportunities through more pragmatic exitstrategy evaluations.

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